Review: Showboat

From the very beginning notes of the start of Showboat, currently running at the New London Theatre, it is safe to say that the cast has every audience member hanging on their every word.

This show is one that has truly managed transcend the ages, with its amazing ability to change to new times, and still be able to remain current enough in order to touch those who have witnessed its magic from its original performance in 1927 to ongoing productions today in 2016.

The cast is something to behold, I don’t think I have ever seen such teamwork in a group of people, who seem to exude joy in the ensemble musical numbers which greatly adds to the overall viewing of this show, making you feel as though you are right on the Cotton Blossom with them, sharing in their lives, and loves and heartache.

Whoever came up with the pairing of Gina Beck and Chris Peluso should be given a Knighthood for sure, as they are simply a dream to watch.


Ms Beck as Magnolia Hawks, is just a marvel in everything she does, from her stellar vocals and unbelievable comedic ability, to even the minute movements that add to her magnificent acting, which is also complimented by the dreamy Mr Peluso’s stunning voice and heartbreaking performance as Gaylord Ravenal. I’m not too proud to admit that their performances brought me to tears several times during the two acts of the show.


Rebecca Trehearn is simply a knockout, the journey and transformation that is seem from her character throughout the show will awaken a whole load of emotions you never knew you had! Her rendition of Bill had me sobbing like a baby!


Also standouts from the cast have to be Sandra Marvin, as Queenie whos performance of That Still Suits Me, with Tosh Wanogho-Maud who played Joe on the night I saw the show, had me and everyone around me almost shedding tears with laughing so hard. Spectacular performances were also given by the hilarious Alex Young and Danny Collins as one of the funniest pairings I have ever seen, their chemistry together is just priceless, and also the legend that is Malcolm Sinclair, who seemed to steal scenes that he was merely only a background character in, as my eye seemed to follow him to see what comical feat he would achieve next!


If you are anywhere near London, or any transport links to London until it closes on August 27th, I urge you to take a visit to see Showboat at the New London Theatre. I guarantee you won’t regret it, it’s a show that can uplift your heart and also break it within the same twenty seconds and if I could just sit on a performance every night until its closing, believe me – I would.

Tickets can be bought by clicking here!



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