Review: The Bodyguard UK

After hearing so many wonderful things about the musical of The Bodyguard the last time it ran, I was certainly very excited to see it in its new run! The fact that the Queen of soul music, Beverley Knight was playing the lead of Rachel Marron definitely amped up the excitement as I was lucky enough to attend one of the concerts on her UK tour this summer.

From the second that Ms Knight appears on stage, entrance complete with fire and lights illuminating the stage, the audience was clearly loving every single second of her performance, with screams before she had even opened her mouth to sing the first note.

For the just over two hours the show runs for, I felt, as an audience member completely transported into the storyline, and I was genuinely on the edge of my seat wondering how the story would, having not seeing the film previously – and I’m not going to spoil it for anyone else that hasn’t, but just WOW.

Beverley Knight is absolutely faultless, and makes those iconic songs seem effortless to sing as she performs all the numbers with utter grace and so much energy that I was exhausted just watching her!

Ben Richards, as Frank Farmer, was also a good casting choice I thought and I was extremely impressed with his performance, having only previously seen him in Hollyoaks, I was so glad he is getting a chance to show everyone how amazingly talented he is!

Another show-stealer that HAS to be mentioned is the star that is Rachel John, who seemed to leave the audience lost for words with the sheer power and talent of her voice, and she got one of the loudest cheers during the bows I have ever heard at the end of a show!

This show is truly a masterpiece, and I have been singing Whitney Houston songs on repeat in my head ever since! It is a show that’s so full of love, and family that it is almost overwhelming when coupled with the ridiculously flawless vocals of all the cast and the spectacle that is the lights and all the other special effects that add to the performance.

Definitely not a show that is to be missed, I’m currently looking to book a second visit!

The Bodyguard is running at London’s Dominion Theatre, and tickets can be booked right here!


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