Rent 20th Anniversary Tour!

What’s the time? It’s time for Rent’s 20th Anniversary UK Tour!

To those who know and love Rent, it is an extremely special musical, filled with universal themes of love and friendship and how those things can create a bond so strong that even the most awful circumstances can’t affect them.

Twenty years after its opening in New York, Rent is now being celebrated again in its twentieth year by way of a UK tour, which is starting in October 2016, in Theatr Clwyd in Wales, before moving on to theatres in Aberdeen, Malvern, Wycombe and then the St James Theatre in London for its final stop of 2016. More places are going to be announced for 2017 so keep your eyes peeled for those!

The men of the cast are; Ross Hunter (Book of Mormon) as rocker Roger Davies, Billy Cullum (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Spring Awakening UK Tour) as film-maker Mark Cohen, Ryan O’ Gorman (Les Miserables) as smooth Tom Collins, Layton Williams (Billy Elliot, Hairspray Tour) as the eccentric Angel Schunard and the actor playing Benjamin Coffin is yet to be announced.

The ladies of the cast are; Shanay Holmes (The Bodyguard, Thriller Live) as lawyer Joanne Jefferson, Philippa Stefani (In The Heights, Ghost) as club dancer Mimi Marquez and Lucie Jones (The X Factor, Legally Blonde) as performance artist Maureen Johnson.

We are so unbelivably excited to see this production! Definitely not one to take or leave, this show will get to show a whole new generation and audience what Rent is all about.

Tickets can be booked for the shows of 2016 at


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