Review: Funny Girl London





Walking into the Savoy Theatre to see the West End show of Funny Girl that is currently running, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had heard a couple of songs, but the storyline and all the characters were still unknown to me, but from the second you step foot in to take your seat, you can feel the love people have for this show. I was blown away when people started giving the overture a standing ovation! This show is something very special, and people who love it – LOVE it, and for very justified reasons.

This show’s cast is undoubtably filled with the most amazing talent, with Darius Campbell and Marilyn Cutts being two performers that stood out as being exceptional. This show requires an immense amount of feeling from the actors and I really get as though these performers could not have converted this storyline with such emotion even better. Campbell’s smooth voice made three-quarters of the audience swoon within thirty seconds of being on stage – one reason in itself to go see this show!

As cliché as it sounds, but who doesn’t love a cliché – let’s be honest, the “greatest star” of this show, is Natasha J Barnes as Fanny Brice. She really is a shining star on that stage and the combination of all of her performing skills left me speechless at the end of the show, moved to tears by Act Two. As overwhelming as I can imagine it has been for Ms Barnes, with having to step in at last minute to cover an indisposed Sheridan Smith, she seems remarkably unaffected by it all and her Fanny Brice will be one I will always remember and the standard that I hold any others I see to.

This show is remarkable, it really is and anyone who has seen it, will agree that something magnificent happens on stage during those few hours. I certainly will not forget it, and may even make a second visit to see the show before the end of its run!

If you are on the fence about seeing Funny Girl, don’t be – you won’t be sorry! Please, walk extremely fast, not run to the Savoy Theatre to see this masterpiece!

** Funny Girl is running at the Savoy Theatre until October 3rd 2016.

** Ms Barnes will reportedly be on for Ms Smith until the week of July 11.

** There are £15 tickets to the show available from the box office at 10am on the day of performance


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